HSE-HAI Microdrive Controller 864

HSE-HAI Microdrive Controller 864

A single-axis control unit with microprocessor control for operating motorized micrometer drives (vernier controls) with DC motor.

  • Alternative to hydraulically-operated micro drive
  • Operates both the HSE 864/1 and HSE 864/2 microdrives
  • Developed to meet requirements in physiological and pharmacological research
  • Includes backlash compensation gearing
  • Enables vibration-free movement of microelectrodes

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
73-0000 Microdrive controller Type 864, 115V 60 Hz
73-0003 DC Microdrive Type 864/1
73-0011 DC Microdrive Type 864/2, displacement range 25 mm (including connection cable and microelectrode holder)
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The HSE Microdrive Controller has been specially developed to meet the requirements of physiological and pharmacological research and is ideally suited as a control unit for remote operation and vibration-free movement of microelectrodes or capillaries (e.g. intracellular potential recording, patch clamp experiments, stereotaxic brian investigations).

When used with either the HSE 864/1 micrometer drive or the HSE 864/2 micrometer drive, the Microdrive Controller represents a complete alternative to hydraulic micro drives which have now become very expensive.

The Microdrive Controller 864 includes a mains adapter, ground cable, a foil-screened connecting cable for the micrometer drives, and operating instructions. A complete system requires both the Microdrive Controller 864 and either the Microdrive 864/1 or Microdrive 864/2 which must be purchased separately.

Apart from its compact size, similar to a TV remote control, a special feature is the combination of continuous and stepping linear operation.

In continuous mode the micrometer drive is operated by the joystick shift in the direction IN or OUT. The drive speed is proportional to the displacement of the joystick.

In switch mode the micrometer drive is moved by the joystick either IN or Out by a preset step. The size of the step can be adjusted continuously with the STEP WIDTH potentiometer from ~0.5 µm to approximately 0.1 mm per step. This operating mode is particularly useful when advancing glass microelectrodes into the cell membrane for intracellular potential recording.

In order to reduce interference emission to a minimum (e.g. in the input circuit of a microelectrode amplifier), special attention has been paid in the design of the instrument to insure good electrical de-coupling and screening.

Operating Mode Pulse width modulation under microprocessor control
Accuracy Real information on resolution obtainable, positioning accuracy, compensation of play and min/max displacement speed cannot be provided for controller alone; these are affected largely by drive mechanics, loading, sliding and sticking friction in guides, operating position, and manufacturing tolerances
Motor Voltage 10 to 15 V DC
Motor Current Nominally 100 mA
Overload Protection Output current is monitored continuously to protect drive mechanics and motor; switch-off limit can be adapted by trimmer potentiometer to suit individual micrometer drive used
Continuous Operating Mode Manual displacement proportional to movement of joystick in IN or OUT direction
Stepping Operating Mode Step-wise displacement by amount set on STEP WIDTH potentiometer
Fast Mode Changes displacement speed for fast movement of micrometer drive
Backlash Compensation Backlash in gearing is compensated by means of additional displacement pulse on change of direction; pulse length can be adjusted to individual mechanism
Monitor LEDs Brightness-modulated indicating LED for IN and OUT directions to indicate control voltage produced
Beep Short audible signal when triggering pulse in stepping mode or error message on over-current switch-off
Supply 115 V AC through external mains adapter, or directly by 12-15 VDC, 150 mA
W x H x L
45 x 130 x 70 mm (1.8 x 5.1 x 2.8 in)
Weight 250 g (8.8 oz)
Note: The motorized micrometer drive (e.g. HSE Type 864/1 or Type 864/2) required for operation is not included with the controller and has to be ordered separately .