HSE-HAI Microdrive 864/2

HSE-HAI Microdrive 864/2

Offers excellent displacement characteristics, as required for inserting glass microelectrodes during intracellular measurements.

  • Spatial resolution of ~1 µm
  • Powered by the HSE Microdrive Controller
  • Enables vibration-free insertion of microelectrodes into cell membranes
  • Remote operation alternative to hydraulic micro controls

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
73-0000 Microdrive controller Type 864, 115V 60 Hz
73-0011 DC Microdrive Type 864/2, displacement range 25 mm (including connection cable and microelectrode holder)
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The HSE Microdrive 864/2 represents a complete alternative to previous hydraulic micro controls for the remote operation and vibration-free insertion of the microelectrode into the cell membrane.

In addition to the compact construction, a special feature is the backlash-free circulating-ball spindle and the limit switch built into the mechanism. The circulating-ball spindle requires no maintenance and operates virtually without friction, unlike a micrometer spindle with sliding bearing. Freedom from backlash is achieved through the use of factory-selected balls and is maintained through a very long operating life. Absence of sliding friction inside the circulating-ball spindle ensures freedom from the so-called stick-slip effect. As a result the mechanism accurately follows even the slightest displacement settings.

This unit is powered by the HSE-HAI Microdrive controller.

Spindle Hardened and ground circulating-ball spindle, freedom from axial play through use of selected balls
Resolution ~1 µm
Maximum Loading 50 N in both directions
Displacement Range 25 mm (50 and 75 mm options also available)
Bi-Directional Repeatability ±2 µm
Uni-Directional Repeatability ±0.1 µm
Drive DC motor with flanged gearbox (12 V, 170 mA nom. current)
Gearbox Gearbox 76:1, with backlash (optionally without Backlash); backlash compensation normally through backlash correction adjustment of HSE Microdrive Controller 864
Connection Cable Foil-screened cable with molded Mini-DIN plug suitable for HSE Microdrive Controller 864 (approx. 1.60 m L)
Limit Switch To protect drive unit, wired internally, with evaluation of displacement direction
Scale To suit displacement, 0 to 25 mm
Case Rigid aluminum, black anodized
Mounting Clamping fitting 12 mm diameter and 10 mm clamping width
Dimensions Length 196 mm, motor case diameter 20 mm
Spindle Connection M6 x 0.5 mm, 6 mm deep
Weight 360 g (12.7 oz)