Dressing Forceps, Straight

Dressing Forceps, Straight, Slender

Straight with Serrated Tips,
3 sizes available

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
72-0141 Dressing Forceps, Straight, Serrated,1.1 mm tip width, 17.5 cm overall length
72-8949 Dressing Forceps,
Straight, Serrated
1.8 mm tip width
13.0 cm overall length
72-8950 Dressing Forceps,
Straight, Serrated
2.2 mm tip width
14.0 cm overall length
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Straight with Serrated Tips, 3 sizes available

The Harvard Apparatus Dressing Forceps are designed to give you maximum performance at affordable prices. The Harvard Apparatus brand surgical tools are forged and finished in German foundries and are made of the highest quality steels.