General Electrode Holder (EH-100)

General Electrode Holder EH 100

This electrode holder is used for the insertion of 1302 Oxygen Sensors into custom-built respiration chambers.

  • The EH-100 accommodates the 1302 Oxygen Sensor
  • Black acetyl tube insures that only the membrane covered electrode tip projects from the tube end
  • Clear acrylic perspex ring with O-rings supplied to create watertight seal
  • Enables the insertion of the 1302 Oxygen Electrode into custom-built respiration chambers
  • The 1302 Oxygen Electrode electrode can also be calibrated within the EH-100 holder

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
69-3024 Electrode Holder Model EH 100
69-3006 Microcathode Oxygen Electrode Model 1302 with polypropylene jackets
69-3001 Model 782 Dual channel oxygen meter with automatic respirometry software
69-3002 (SI-929) Model SI-7929 Six channel oxygen meter with standard respirometry software
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The EH-100 Electrode Holder serves to protect the 1302 Oxygen Sensor when used with a custom-built respiration chamber.

In combination with the supplied perspex ring, the EH-100 provides a convenient method for inserting and sealing the electrode into your respiration chamber. The electrode is positioned in the holder by pressure exerted by the cap on three O rings at the cable-entry end of the electrode. This seals the nose of the electrode against the holder's precision shaped plastic tip so that only the membrane-covered cathode protrudes.

An acrylic collar containing an O ring on its inside surface is also provided. This collar can be cemented over a 13 mm hole drilled in the wall of the respiration chamber to facilitate insertion of the electrode holder. The oxygen sensing electrode should only be used in an electrode holder to avoid ground-leak damage.

Electrode Holder Perspex Ring
Dimensions 13 x 85 mm
(D x L)
26 x 10 mm
(D x L)
Holder Material black acetyl clear acrylic
eh100_manual.pdfGeneral Electrode Holder (EH-100) Manual