Flexible and Gooseneck Light Guides

Flexible and Gooseneck Light Guides

Volpi Goosenecks Provide Flexible Illumination

  • Bifurcated Gooseneck Light Guides
  • Flexible Light Guides

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
72-0266 Bifurcated Gooseneck Light Guide, Gray, 5.4 mm fiber diameter (each arm)
72-0267 Bifurcated Gooseneck Light Guide, Black, 4.7 mm fiber diameter (each arm)
72-0295 Flexible Light Guide, Single Arm, 50 cm (20 in), 10 mm Fiber Diameter, 13 mm Bushing Diameter
72-0296 Flexible Light Guide, Single Arm, 100 cm (40 in), 10 mm Fiber Diameter, 13 mm Bushing Diameter
72-0297 Flexible Light Guide, Single Arm, 150 cm (60 in), 10 mm Fiber Diameter, 13 mm Bushing Diameter
72-0269 Standard Focusing Lens
72-0304 Polarizing Cap for Standard Focusing Lens For Modular Accessory System, see page M158
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Bifurcated Gooseneck Light Guides  Bifur Gooseneck

The Bifurcated Gooseneck with two flexible semi-obedient light guide arms enables convenient microscope workstation illumination.

  • Sliding sleeve technology reduces fiber breakage over time A
  • ttaches to all major brand microscope columns via specialized adapters
  • Convenient placement of identical light sources in and around the microscope workstation
  • Semi-Obedient arms available in several lengths
  • Uses standard Gooseneck accessories
  • Low cost arms are repairable light guide lens

The combination of a Bifurcated Gooseneck with two semi-obedient fiber opticGooseneck arms light guide arms enables control of incident illumination both in and around microscope workstations. Fiber optics from the goosenecks attach to the columns of microscopes or other workstation columns via specialized adapters. Each arm can be positioned and adjusted independently.

Low cost semi-obedient gooseneck arms are repairable. They use standard gooseneck accessories such as Focusing Lenses (72-0269), Polarizing Caps (72-0304) and the Modular Accessory System. Cold light sources are sold separately.

Flexible Light Guides flexible light guides

Highly flexible and durable light guides are available in fiber diameters of 3 to 13 mm with standard and custom fiber lengths.

  • Point illumination
  • Highly flexible
  • PVC metal tubing provides durability
  • 4.7 mm to 10 mm OD fiber diameters

The outer sheath is composed of a PVC metal tubing to provide both flexibility and protection. Non-metallic sheathing/tubing versions are also available. These flexible light guides are available in both single arm and twin arm standard versions.


Bifurcated Gooseneck Light Guides

Fiber Diameter 5.4 mm
Ferrrule Diameter 10 mm
Fiber Length 20 inch (500 mm)