Fast Exchange Open Diamond Bath (RC-24N)

Fast Exchange Open Diamond Bath (RC-24N)

The RC-24N allows very fast solution exchange for a variety of applications. This recording chamber features the smallest bath volume of the open style chambers.

  • Designed for physiological measurements of cell cultured coverslips
  • Applications include patch clamp, intracellular/extracellular recordings, and imaging
  • Diamond shaped bath provides laminar solution flow
  • Very small bath volume facilitates very fast solution exchange

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-0381 Fast Exchange RC-24N Recording Chamber, 54 ul
64-0277 Series 20 Plain Platform, Model P-1
64-0284 Series 20 Heater Platform, Model PH-1
64-1526 PM-1 Chamber platform with magnetic clamps
64-1920 (SA-20PS1) Adapter Ring for Pecon Heating Insert P
64-0755 PE-160/10 Polyethylene Tubing PE-160, 10 ft.
64-0756 (PE-160/100) Polyethylene tubing, PE-160, 100 ft
64-0707 CS-22/40 Coverslips, use with RC-22, RC22C, RC-24, RC-24E, RC-24N, RC-26, RC-26G, RC-26GLP, RC-30, and RC-50, pkg of 50
64-0106 Model CC-28 Cable Assemblies with Connector for TC-324B/344B
64-0107 TA-29 Replacement Cable with Bead Thermistor
64-0274 Heater Elements (2) for PH (Heater) Platforms with Mounting Pads and Screws, RH-2
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The RC-24N chamber design is taken from the RC-24 and improves the flow characteristics by providing a linear path. The bath volume in this model is among the smallest of the open style chambers. This enables very fast solution exchange for a variety of applications, including patch clamp and electrophysiology studies. The small bath volume is especially useful when using drugs in small quantities.

An agar bridge well for reference electrodes is provided, as is an aspiration well. The aspiration well is equipped with a stainless steel aspiration tube (1.67 mm OD) together with a tube clamp. The clamp insures that the adjustable suction tube will not move once the height is set by the user. The floor of this chamber is formed from a 22 mm x 40 mm rectangular coverslip.

The RC-24N requires a platform (PM-1, PH-1 or P-1) and stage adapter to complete the assembly for mounting on a microscope.

A temperature controller TC-344C or TC-324C that connects to the heated platform can be added to set and maintain a certain temperature.

Perfusion can be achieved by adding a VC-8 or VC-6 perfusion system, the DVW vacuum system takes care of the waste.

Each chamber is supplied with a package of #1 thickness glass coverslips (CS-22/40, 22 x 40 mm, 50/pkg) and 10 ft of PE-160 tubing.

Material Polycarbonate
Bath dimensions
(L x W x H)
15 x 6 x 3.8 mm
Volume, by depth 50 μl/mm
Bottom coverglass 22 x 40 mm
Input tubing
(ID x OD)
1.14 x 1.57 mm (PE-160)
Aspirator coupling 1.67 mm (OD)

RC-24N Drawing

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Integrated Components Brochure_06_7_11.pdfIntegrated Components for Live Cell Imaging Brochure
RC-24N (080724).pdfRC-24N Chamber Instructions
perfusion_strategies.pdfPerfusion Strategies (Leinders-Zufall)