Faraday Cage with Vibration Isolation

Faraday Cage with Vibration Isolation

The Faraday cage provides critical shielding of electromagnetic interference from outside sources and is an integral component of the Bilayer Workstation.

  • Convenient benchtop design
  • Enclosed vibration isolation table
  • Passive or active support mechanisms
  • Large access doors
  • Magnetic closures
  • Solid brass grounding block
  • Durable powder coat finish

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-0063 FC-1 Faraday Cage with Passive Vibration Isolation Table (includes hand pump)
64-0064 FC-2 Faraday Cage with Active Vibration Isolation Table (requires pressurized air)
64-0062 FC-0 Faraday Cage without Vibration Isolation Table
64-0081 KS-1 Vibration-Free Platform, 16 x 19 in, Passive Air, includes hand pump
64-0082 KS-2 Vibration-Free Platform, 16 x 19 in, Active Air
64-0085 (FC-3) Standard Faraday cage for external isolation platform (accepts internal table)
64-0454 Ground cable, banana-banana, 48"
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FC Series Faraday cages from Warner include the vibration isolation table and are designed to optimize the user's experience.

The Cage

The Faraday cage is a critical component in the Bilayer Workstation since it functions to shield the sensitive electronics contained therein from externally generated electrical interference. Without such, the ability to make single channel measurements would be mitigated.

Simple Placement

FC Series cages from Warner Instruments are designed to be conveniently placed on a sturdy workbench and are supplied with a choice of active or passive vibration isolation table. A version of the cage without a table is also available.

Simple Access

Large access doors allow entry into the cage from all sides and the fan-fold front doors are designed to be placed out of the way when open. Small access doors along each side of the cage base allow access to table controls. Ports on the rear panel allow entry of electronic cabling into the cage enclosure. The cage has a brass grounding block mounted onto the inside back panel for proper grounding of all enclosed devices such as perfusion, illumination and stirring.

The Table

The Faraday cage is shipped with a custom 16x19' table manufactured for Warner Instruments by Kinetic Systems, Inc. When installed, the table is entirely contained within the cage enclosure and this design successfully isolates the tabletop from external acoustic and mechanical noise sources. The table has a steel top allowing for the attachment of magnetically coupled devices to its surface.

These tables come in both active and passive designs and perform equally well for BLM work. The selection consideration is more about ergonomics and the lab space than functionality.


The Active table is similar in s design to the standard floor standing tables commonly found in electrophysiology labs (see our TMC and Kinetic Systems offerings for examples).

Generally speaking, the Active table connects to an external pressurized air source and can be thought of as a set-it-and-forget-it device.


The Passive table is better suited to environments that lack access to external pressurized air, or if the air supply is unreliable. The table uses an internal bladder that is inflated, usually once a week, via an included bicycle pump. This task is simple to do and takes only 30 seconds or so to perform.

Select this table is you'll be moving the Workstation frequently (not common).

(H x W x D)

63.5 x 55.9 x 45.7 cm (25 x 22 x 18 in)
Materials Aluminum with durable powder coat finish, solid brass grounding block
  • Electrically continuous cage with solid wall construction.
  • Cage base accommodates 16 x 19' vibration isolation table (either passive or active support) manufactured for Warner Instruments by Kinetic Systems, Inc.
  • Table top forms the cage floor.
  • Large panel doors with magnetic closures.
  • Dual fan-fold front doors.
  • Large panel doors on top and sides.
  • Cage base has wing doors for access to vibration isolation table controls.
  • Access ports on back panel for electrical connection to cage contents.
Min. Load
@ 20 psi
Vertical Natural Frequency: 2.3 Hz
Isolation Efficiency @ 5 Hz 52%
Isolation Efficiency @ 10 Hz 83%
Horizontal Natural Frequency: 2.9 Hz
Isolation Efficiency @ 5 Hz 40%
Isolation Efficiency @ 10 Hz 92%
Max. Load
@ 80 psi
Vertical Natural Frequency: 2.1 Hz
Isolation Efficiency @ 5 Hz 70%
Isolation Efficiency @ 10 Hz 91%
Horizontal Natural Frequency: 1.8 Hz
Isolation Efficiency @ 5 Hz 81%
Isolation Efficiency @ 10 Hz 95%
Gross Load Capacity
@ 80 psi
72-4728 to 72-4733 90.8 kg (200 lbs)
All Others 204 kg (450 lbs)
Table Top Ferromagnetic stainless steel
Warner Bilayer Workstation brochure (rev 060601).pdfWarner Bilayer Workstation Brochure
FC Series (040326).pdfFC Series User's Manual
FC-0 (2000.10.11).pdfFC-0 User's Manual