Workstation Components

Low-pass Bessel Filter (LPF-8) A signal conditioner combining an 8-pole low pass Bessel filter with a DC amplifier. --> Learn More
Bilayer Clamp Amplifier (BC-535) The BC-535 is the newest version of our popular bilayer clamp amplifier. Warner Instruments is --> Learn More
Headstage Holder and Kit (HH-1, HST-1) The HH-1 holder is designed as a shock mount device for positioning a headstage on a magnetic --> Learn More
Faraday Cage with Vibration Isolation The Faraday cage provides critical shielding of electromagnetic interference from outside --> Learn More
Lamp and Stirplate Bundle (SUNStir-3) The SUNStir-3 System is comprised of the --> Learn More
Tabletop Equipment Rack (RAC-14) An instrument rack provides an organizing influence on the electronic and facilitates the --> Learn More

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