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Halogen Lamp (SUN-1 only) The SUN-1 is a halogen lamp with magnetic base and external controller. It provides --> Learn More
Classic Bilayer Cups and Chambers This 2-part system consists of a black Delrin chamber and a cuvette of either polystyrene, --> Learn More
Bilayer Stirplate (SPIN-2 only) Optimized design for planar lipid bilayer research. Stir while --> Learn More
Headstage Holder and Kit (HH-1, HST-1) The HH-1 holder is designed as a shock mount device for positioning a headstage on a magnetic --> Learn More
Magnetic Base (MB/B) This magnetic base is a convenient positioning device for use on any steel surface. --> Learn More
Perfusion Bilayer Cups and Chambers Designed to simplify the exchange of solutions in both the cup and chamber. --> Learn More

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