Planar Lipid Bilayer

Halogen Lamp (SUN-1 only) The SUN-1 is a halogen lamp with magnetic base and external controller. It provides --> Learn More
Dedicated Workstation Vacuum System The Warner DWV System is designed to facilitate removal of waste solutions from cell imaging --> Learn More
Low-pass Bessel Filter (LPF-8) A signal conditioner combining an 8-pole low pass Bessel filter with a DC amplifier. --> Learn More
Bilayer Clamp Amplifier (BC-535) The BC-535 is the newest version of our popular bilayer clamp amplifier. Warner Instruments is --> Learn More
Classic Bilayer Cups and Chambers This 2-part system consists of a black Delrin chamber and a cuvette of either polystyrene, --> Learn More
Digidata/pClamp Package from Molecular Devices A high speed, high-resolution, low-noise digitizer specifically designed for --> Learn More
On-Site Set Up and Training for Planar Lipid Bilayer Workstation Warner Instruments is pleased to provide On-site Training for the Planar Lipid Bilayer --> Learn More
Planar Lipid Bilayer Thermocycler (BLM-TC)   The new BLM-TC from Warner Instruments uses Peltier technology to cool, --> Learn More
Planar Lipid Bilayer Workstation (BLM) The Planar Lipid Bilayer (BLM) Workstation from Warner Instruments integrates every --> Learn More
Bilayer Channel Simulators (CM-3, CM-1) The CM-1 and CM-3 Single Channel Simulators are designed to simulating a gating ion channel. --> Learn More

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