Perfusion Accessories

Dedicated Workstation Vacuum System The Warner DWV System is designed to facilitate removal of waste solutions from cell imaging --> Learn More
Warner Tubing and Connector (Barb and Luer) Kit A complete kit of tubing, barbed and Luer fittings, and blunt end needles. Learn More
Flow Valves - Vacuum/Solution (FR-50, FR-55S) Used for fine control of solutions in a gravity fed perfusion system or for vacuum control. Learn More
Perfusion Manifolds, MP/MPP/MM/ML Series Warner perfusion manifolds can be used in any application where from 2 to 8 perfusion lines are --> Learn More
Perfusion System Pressure Kit The latest accessory for Warner perfusion valve control systems is a simple, yet effective --> Learn More
Gas Bubbler Manifolds (GBM-10, GBM-60) The GBM-10 and GBM-60 gas bubbler manifolds for 10 and 60 cc syringes are useful for delivering --> Learn More
Modular Syringe Holder, MSH Series The MSH modular syringe holder system offers users the ability to assemble a family of --> Learn More
Plastic Syringes These plastic syringes all have Luer Lock tips and are supplied in the noted quantities. Learn More
Constant Flow Syringes, DN Series Provides a constant flow rate from solution reservoirs regardless of varying solution --> Learn More
Valve Control Parts and Accessories Parts and Accessories for Valve Control SystemsReplacements for: Pinch valves --> Learn More

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