Open Perfusion Micro-Incubator (PDMI-2) This microincubation system operates equally well under both static and continuously perfused --> Learn More
Patch Slice Microincubator (PSMI) A unique environmental control unit that enables patch clamp recordings to be made from a brain --> Learn More
Culture Dish Heater (DH-35) This resistive heater system enables temperature control of Corning's 35 mm tissue/cell --> Learn More
Culture Dish Incubator (DH-35iL) Designed to provide complete environmental control over 35 mm culture dishes while maintaining --> Learn More
Micro-Incubation System (DH-40iL) Designed to provide complete environment control for either the Series 40 open bath chambers or --> Learn More
Microincubator (CSMI) The CSMI is a versatile microscope-stage incubator for cell/tissue culture work using chambered --> Learn More

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