Neurolog System

4-Channel Conditioner (NL530) Designed to provide gain and offset setup controls when interfacing signals to analog-to-digital --> Learn More
4-Channel Pre-Amplifier (NL844) The NL844 pre-amplifier is specifically designed to operate in conjunction --> Learn More
AC Preamplifier (NL104A) The NL-104A AC Preamplifier is a low noise, high input impedance, --> Learn More
AC-DC Amplifier (NL106) Features continuously adjustable attenuation or amplification using a locking ten-turn --> Learn More
Analog Switch (NL506) This analog device contains a single pole change-over switch, the state of which is controlled --> Learn More
Audio Amplifier (NL120S) A power amplifier for driving a 4 or 8 ohm loudspeaker. Has sufficient power --> Learn More
Biphasic Pulse Buffer (NL512) The interface between any bipolar signal and two of the NeuroLog NL800 isolators. --> Learn More
Blank Module (NL50) The NL50 Blank Module consists of an undrilled, finished front panel and an unassembled printed --> Learn More
Calibration Module (NL410) Used for the precise calibration of the gain of an amplifier system. Enables precise --> Learn More
Counter (NL603) A 2-digit preset decade counter with a 2-digit light emitting diode decimal readout. --> Learn More

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