Amplifiers and Filters

Differential Amplifier (DP-301) The DP-301 is a single channel AC/DC differential pre-amplifier highly suited for EEG, EKG and --> Learn More
Differential Amplifier with Active Headstage (DP-311) The DP-311 AC/DC Differential Amplifier is highly suited for EEG, EKG and extracellular --> Learn More
Dual Channel Differential Electrometer (HiZ-223) The HiZ-223 is a very high input impedance, dual channel electrometer --> Learn More
Intracellular Electrometer (IE-210) A high impedance electrometer designed specifically for intracellular studies. The instrument --> Learn More
Intracellular Electrometer (IE-251A) The IE-251A is a moderately priced intracellular electrometer complete with current passing --> Learn More
Low-pass Bessel Filter (LPF-8) A signal conditioner combining an 8-pole low pass Bessel filter with a DC amplifier. --> Learn More
Patch Clamp Amplifier (PC-501A) A workhorse patch clamp amplifier equally at home in research and teaching labs. --> Learn More
Patch Clamp Amplifier (PC-505B) The lowest noise, switchable, resistive-feedback patch clamp amplifier currently available. --> Learn More
Differential Amplifier (DP-304A) The DP-304A is a four channel AC/DC differential amplifier highly suited for EEG, EKG and --> Learn More
Heka Patch Clamp Amplifiers (EPC 10 USB) The EPC 10 USB patch clamp amplifier, combined with a computer and PATCHMASTER software is a --> Learn More

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