Series 30 Chambers

Disposable Perfusion Inserts for 35 mm Dishes (RC-33DL, RC-33DM, RC-33SM, RC-33SN, RC-33/KIT) Designed to drop into the popular Corning 35 mm dish and provide a low cost perfusion chamber --> Learn More
Perfusion Inserts for 35 mm Dishes (RC-37W, RC-37F, RC-37WC, RC-37FC, RC-37WS, RC-37FS) RC-37 Series inserts enable on-microscope assays using the popular glass bottomed 35 mm --> Learn More
ProFlow Shear Flow Chamber PFC-1 The PFC-1 ProFlow chamber is based on the designs of Dr. Melissa Knothe Tate, currently of the --> Learn More
Confocal Imaging Chambers (RC-30, RC-30HV, and RC-30WA) The RC-30 is a low profile closed bath chamber specifically designed for confocal imaging --> Learn More
Low Profile Parallel Plate Flow Chamber (RC-31) The RC-31 is a closed bath, low profile chamber incorporating special features for --> Learn More

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