Culture Dish Inserts, 35 mm

WillCo Wells 35 and 50 mm Glass Bottom Cell Culture Dishes High quality glass bottom polystyrene dishes are available in both 35 mm and 50 mm --> Learn More
Disposable Perfusion Inserts for 35 mm Dishes (RC-33DL, RC-33DM, RC-33SM, RC-33SN, RC-33/KIT) Designed to drop into the popular Corning 35 mm dish and provide a low cost perfusion chamber --> Learn More
Perfusion Inserts for 35 mm Dishes (RC-37W, RC-37F, RC-37WC, RC-37FC, RC-37WS, RC-37FS) RC-37 Series inserts enable on-microscope assays using the popular glass bottomed 35 mm --> Learn More

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