Low Cost Pico-Injector (PLI-10) The PLI-10 Pico-Injector reliably delivers ejections from femtoliters to nanoliters through --> Learn More
Microinjection Pipette Holders for PLI-10 and PLI-100A This series of holders are designed for use in application involving pressure and/or suction --> Learn More
Nanoject III Single Line Nanoliter Injection (hydraulic) The Nanoject II is the latest development in the Nanoject family of microinjectors. --> Learn More
Picoliter Microinjector (PLI-100A) The PLI-100A Pico-Injector reliably delivers injections from femtoliters to nanoliters --> Learn More
Screw-Actuated Air Syringe These air-assisted microinjection/micro-aspiration syringes provide the user with sensitive --> Learn More
Screw-Actuated Micrometer Driven Hamilton Syringe A micrometer-actuated syringe mechanism mounted on a small base Ideal for oil-filled --> Learn More
UI Ultra-Microliter Injection System The UI Ultra-Microliter Injection System is a unique tool for the controlled injection of small --> Learn More
Ultra Low Noise Air Compressor (Model Air-1) When a reliable supply of clean and quiet compressed air is required, this oil-lubricated --> Learn More

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