Respirometry Components

Dual-Channel Oxygen Meter (Model 782) The 782 is a dual-channel meter which can also measure dissolved oxygen. Includes an --> Learn More
Flow Cell (FC-100) For continuous in-line oxygen monitoring or for connection to a flow-through respirometer --> Learn More
General Electrode Holder (EH-100) This electrode holder is used for the insertion of 1302 Oxygen Sensors into custom-built --> Learn More
MicroCell (MC-100) Designed for spot determination of the oxygen content of small samples of water, blood etc., --> Learn More
Mitocell Miniature Respirometer (MT-200, MT-200A) This microminiature respirometer is designed for respiration measurements of mitochondria --> Learn More
Oxygen Sensor (Model 1302) This is a Clark-type polarographic sensor with a 22 micron diameter platinum cathode and --> Learn More
Respiration Cells (RC-300 / RC-350) These respiration cells are for small volume measurements of oxygen uptake rate by microbial --> Learn More
Six Electrode Respirometer (RC-650) For replicate respiration measurements of cell suspensions, microbial suspensions, mitochondria --> Learn More
Six-Channel Oxygen Meter (Model 929) Part of a complete system for replicate dissolved oxygen measurements and multi-chamber --> Learn More

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