DURACAL Buffers Accurate and stable buffers for pH and redox electrode calibration. Guaranteed stable --> Learn More
AMANI Leak-free Series Microcombination pH Electrodes A series of non-glass, micro combination pH electrodes, all with built-in reference --> Learn More
Combination Gastroesophageal pH Electrode This is a flexible, miniature combination pH/reference electrode for gastroesophageal --> Learn More
Combination pH Electrode for Micro Wells This miniature combination pH/reference electrode is: Designed to fit small perfusion --> Learn More
Flexible Combination pH Electrode for Free Flap Surgery These are miniature combination pH/reference electrodes. --> Learn More
Protein Resistant pH Electrodes These pH electrodes are ideal for biological samples containing proteins. Ideal for --> Learn More
Single and Combination pH Electrodes in SS Tubes These are miniature combination pH/reference electrodes in ss tubes and a microminiature pH --> Learn More

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