Eight Channel Perfusion Valve Control System (VC-8)

Eight Channel Perfusion Valve Control System (VC-8)

The VC-8 valve controller lies at the heart of a multi-valve perfusion system designed to automate and control the delivery of solutions to Warner Instruments imaging and recording chambers.

  • Choice of Pinch, PTFE, or Miniature Lee Valves
  • Manual or computer controlled
  • Low noise
  • Low self heating design

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-0185 Model VC-8P Valve Control System/8 pinch valves
64-0186 Model VC-8M Valve Control System/8 mini valves
64-0187 Model VC-8T Valve Control System/8 PTFE valves
64-0186LT (VC-8MLT) Valve control system with mini valves, 8 channel, high flow
460-7013 (BNC-6) BNC to BNC cable, 6 feet (Pomona)
460-7032 (BNC-2) BNC to BNC cable, 2 feet (Pomona)
64-0175 Model SV-1 Mini Solenoid Valve
64-0139 Model PV-1 Pinch Valve
64-0140 Model TV-2 PTFE Valve
64-0162 Model RS-1 Ring Stand
64-0385 (SH-8/60) Syringe holder with eight 60 cc syringes
64-0143 Model SH-8/10 Syringe Holder with eight 10 cc Syringes
64-0211 MP-8 Perfusion Manifold, 8 Inputs
64-0165 Model SL-6 Stopcock with Luer Connector, pkg. of 6
59-8377 Becton Dickinson syringe, 3 cc, 200 per box
59-8378 Becton Dickinson syringe, 5 cc, 100 per box
59-8379 Becton Dickinson syringe, 10 cc, 200 per box, packaged in strips of 5 syringes
59-8380 Becton Dickinson syringe, 20 cc, 40 per box
59-8381 Becton Dickinson syringe, 30 cc, 30 per box
59-8382 Becton Dickinson syringe, 60 cc, 40 per box
72-2399 140 ml Sterile Monoject® Plastic Syringe without Needle, Luer Lock Tip, case of 20
64-0164 Model TC-3 Tubing Connectors (1/16 in ID), pkg. of 12 straight, 6 Y and 6 Luer Connectors
64-1575 Fitting barb, 1/16 in to Luer female, 25 pack
64-1571 Fitting barb, Y style, 1/16 to 1/16 in, 25 pack
64-1567 Fitting barb, 1/16 to 1/16 in, 25 pack
64-0752 PE-50/10 PE-50 Polyethylene Tubing, 10 ft L
64-0753 Model PE-50/100 PE-50 Polyethylene Tubing, 100 ft L
64-0166 Model CFL-6 C-Flex (1/32 in x 6 ft, ID x L)
64-1547 (CFL-25) C-Flex tubing, 1/8 x 1/16 in (OD x ID), 25 feet
64-0167 Model TY-50 Tygon (1/16 in x 50 ft, ID x L)
64-0168 Model TT-25 PTFE (1/16 in x 25 ft, ID x L)
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Warner perfusion valve control systems are uncomplicated and easy to operate. The VC-8 Valve Controller is configured to control up to 8 valves. Each valve is individually accessed by a manual switch, an external analog signal, or an external TTL signal.

An event-marker pulse, generated each time a valve is switched on, is provided for output to tape or chart recorders. Systems include all components necessary to get set up and running in very little time. The VC-8P Pinch valve and VC-8T PTFE valve systems include the VC-8 controller, 8 valves, a valve bracket with 8 ft. cable and MP-8 Series manifold.

Pinch valve systems are supplied with C-flex valve tubing. Included with the Pinch and PTFE Valve Systems are eight 60 cc reservoirs, a reservoir holder and support stand, stopcocks and tubing connectors. Pinch valve systems are also supplied with 50 ft of Tygon tubing. Systems with a PTFE valve include 25 ft. of PTFE tubing.


The VC-8M Mini-Valve Perfusion Control System includes the VC-8 Controller, 8 valves, and a valve manifold with 8 ft cable and an ML-8 Series manifold. Also included are eight 10 cc reservoirs, a reservoir holder, ring stand, stopcocks, tubing connectors and 100 ft of PE-50 tubing.


VC-8P Pinch Valve Systems

Pinch valves are the simplest to maintain as the solution never comes in contact with the valve and tubings are easily changed. Valves are dual acting (3-way) with both normally open and closed sides. Y connectors at the valve inputs permit solution flow to waste with the valves off.

PTFE valves are available for applications where resistance to chemicals is a concern. The valves are 2-way (either on or off).

VC-8M Mini-Valve Systems

The VC-8M is designed for slow flow perfusion systems where smaller diameter tubing is used. Eight valves mount directly to a compact Delrin manifold. The 3-way valves allow for solutions to flow to waste if desired. The VC-8M system is ideally suited for use with the SF-77B Fast-Step Perfusion Stepper Systems. The VC-8MLT features larger ports to accommodate PE-160 tubing used on most Warner chambers, this version will permit flow rates of 10 ml/min with a 2 foot head.

Mini-Valve Pinch Valve PTFE Valve Large Tube Mini Valves
Valve Types
VC-8P 12 V 3-way pinch valves
VC-8T 12 V 2-way PTFE
VC-8M 12 V 3-way solenoid valves
VC-8MLT 12 V 3-way solenoid valves
Typical Maximum Flow Rates (with 60 cm head)
VC-8P, 8T Systems 10 mL/min
VC-8M Systems 1 mL/min
VC-8MLT Systems 10 mL/min
VC-8 Valve Controller
Switching Manual, TTL logic or Analog Signal
Event Marker Logic level pulse
Power 110-130 or 200-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 50 VA
Warranty All systems carry 2-year warranty


Back View

VC-8 back view

  • VC-8 Controller
  • 8-channel valve system (pinch, PTFE or mini)
  • MP or ML Series perfusion manifold
  • Reservoir holder with syringes
  • Support stand, stopcocks
  • Tubing connectors
  • 10 ft PE tubing

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