Ecoline Microprocessor-Controlled Pump

Price on Request

The VC-280 and VC-380 pumps feature exchangeable rotors with either 2 or 3 rollers providing lower pulsation, higher flow rates or elevated differential pressures. These pumps are supplied with the rotor that is compatible with 1.6 mm wall thickness tubing. One pump is supplied with the 2 roller rotor and the other is supplied with the 3 rotor roller. They both have a safety cutout feature that stops the rotation of the rotor when the rotor cover is opened. Using standard tubing they provide flow rate ranges from 1.6 to 5,000 ml/minute with a differential pressure of 1.5 bar (22 PSI)*.

 Please follow this link for tubing options.

A foot switch can be purchased separately.

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