Differential Low Pressure Transducers DLP2.5

Differential Low Pressure Transducer DLP2.5 73-3882

For very low differential pressure measurements, usable for all types of pneumotachometers in respiration studies

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
73-3882 Differential Low Pressure Transducer DLP2.5, range +- 2.5 cmH2O, HSE Connector
73-3999 Differential Low Pressure Transducer DLP2.5, range +- 2.5 cmH2O, ADI ML110, ML112 or News Versions Connerctor
73-0500 Lab Stand with Triangular Base Plate, 30 cm Rod Length (one block clamp included)
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These Differential Pressure Transducers are designed for very low differential pressure measurements. They are especially suitable for airflow measurement in respiration studies using pneumotachs. They are used in combination with plethysmographic boxes, isolated lung systems and all types of pneumotachs.

The Transducer element is temperature compensated over a large temperature range. It has small internal volume and a very low volumetric displacement to achieve good frequency response.

This Transducer can be connected to a standard strain gauge amplifier like a PLUGSYS Module type TAM-A.

DLP_381E.pdfDifferential Low Pressure Transducer (DLP 2.5) User's Manual