CytoViva Environmental Chamber (CV-30)

CytoViva Environmental Chamber (CV-30)

The CV-30 Live Cell Imaging Chamber is a low profile chamber designed specifically for the CytoVivaTM Imaging System. This closed-bath chamber incorporates special features for imaging and is compatible with any microscope stage capable of accepting a multi-well plate. The CV-30 also can attach to microscope stages having a standard microscope slide adapter.

  • Designed for the CytoVivaTM high resolution imaging system
  • Allows long-term studies of live cells
  • Supports oil immersion contact with the CytoVivaTM high resolution illumination system
  • Simultaneous observation of fluorescent and non-fluorescent samples

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-1499 (CS-30R15) Round cover glass, #1.5 thickness, 30 mm, 90 pack
64-0330 Replacement Gaskets for Large Bath, 250 um Thickness, pkg of 10
64-0331 Replacement Gaskets for Large Bath, 375 um Thickness, pkg of 10
64-0332 Replacement Gaskets for Slotted Bath, 250 um Thickness, pkg of 10
64-0333 Replacement Gaskets for Slotted Bath, 375 um Thickness, pkg of 10
64-0334 Replacement Gaskets for Blank, 250 um Thickness, pkg of 10
64-0335 Replacement Gaskets for Blank, 375 um Thickness, pkg of 10
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The CV-30 features a user defined bath geometry, volume, and large viewing area. A #1.5 thickness glass coverslip (0.17 mm) forms the top of the chamber while a 1 mm thick round coverslip forms the bottom. This allows the CV-30 to be used with CytoViva'sTM high resolution adapter.

The side wall of the bath is formed by use of silicone gaskets sandwiched between the upper and lower coverslips. Wall height (or spacing between the coverslips) can range from 250 to 1000 mm and is defined by the thickness and number of gaskets used.

Blank gaskets are supplied permitting the development of customized bath geometries as required by your application. Pre-cut gaskets are also supplied with the chamber; one cut wide to allow full use of the large diameter aperture window and a narrow, slotted version targeted towards fast solution exchange.

Included components
The CV-30 comes complete with the following components: CV-30 chamber with universal slide holder connector, a pressure plate wrench, a lift-out tool, one package of #1.5 thickness, 30 mm round coverslips, one package of 1 mm thick, 40 mm round coverslips, one 10 pack, each, of blank, narrow slotted, and wide slotted gaskets in both 250 and 375 mm thicknesses, and 10 feet of PE-90 tubing.

Physical Dimensions
(H x W x D)
9.4 x 85.6 x 128 mm
Weight 240 g
Base and Pressure Plate Aluminum, black anodized
Top Coverslip Plate Polycarbonate
Gaskets Silicone rubber
Input/Output Tubing PE-90 (0.86 x 1.27 mm)
Coverslips Top 30 mm dia. x #1.5
Bottom 40 mm dia. x 1.1 mm
.pdfCV-30 Manual