Culture Dish Heater (DH-35)

Culture Dish Heater (DH-35)

This resistive heater system enables temperature control of Corning's 35 mm tissue/cell culture dishes and is designed for mounting on most microscopes.

  • Enables controlled heating of Corning 35 mm cell culture dishes
  • Designed for mounting on most microscopes including Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss and Leica
  • 19 mm diameter base viewing aperture
  • Easy dish replacement in the holder
  • Dishes can be placed with or without dish covers
  • Compatible with Warner temperature controllers

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-0110 35 mm Culture Dish Heater
64-0106 Model CC-28 Cable Assemblies with Connector for TC-324B/344B
64-0291 Adapter for Nikon Diaphot/TE200/TE2000, SA-NIK
64-0295 Adapter for Burleight Gibraltarâ„¢, SA-OLY/2
64-0296 Adapter for Leica Leitz DMIL with Object Guide, Zeiss Axiovert with 211 x 230 Specimen Stage1, and Zeiss Leitz DMIRB/E with Plane Stage, SA-20LZ
64-0107 TA-29 Replacement Cable with Bead Thermistor
65-0054 Sleeve of 35 mm Petri Dishes, pkg of 20
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The DH-35 Culture Dish Heater is designed to maintain a Corning 35 mm cell culture dish (p/n 25000) at a constant temperature above ambient, usually 37°C. The base of the unit has a 19 mm diameter aperture for unrestrictive viewing of the culture dish and stage adapters are available for mounting onto microscopes from Nikon, Zeiss, Leica and Olympus. See Ordering Information for a listing of specific supported microscopes.

The two resistive heaters in the DH-35 are normally powered using one of Warner's temperature controllers (e.g. the single channel TC-324C or the dual channel TC-344C). Connection from the temperature controller to the DH-35 requires a CC-28 cable assembly. The cable assembly includes the two heater connectors, the control thermistor and an additional thermistor to measure temperature in the dish's bath.

Corning 35 mm cell culture dishes can be placed into the DH-35 with or without their covers. If not using the Corning dish covers, one of the DH-35 dish covers can be used instead. An advantage of the DH-35 cover is that the integral slot allows access to the dish for probes, perfusion tubes, etc. In general, when dishes are used without covers, the dish is secured into the heater using a large O-Ring. The O-Ring fits snugly inside the DH-35 top section.

The DH-35 is constructed from aluminum and has an anodized finish. Cleaning can be performed using common lab detergents or alcohol.

Weight without dish or holder cover 94.4 grams
Weight with one holder cover 98.8 grams
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