Constant Flow Syringes, DN Series

Constant Flow Syringes, DN Series

Provides a constant flow rate from solution reservoirs regardless of varying solution height.

  • A simple design that's easy to use
  • Maintains constant head pressure from multiple solution reservoirs
  • Uses ordinary gravity feed for smooth, pulse free flow
  • Does not require bulky pressure systems or regulators
  • Enables reproducible flow rates
  • Compatible with Warner's modular syringe holders
  • Can be used with Warner's FR-50 flow valve

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-0157 Model DN/5 Constant Flow Syringe, 5 cc, pkg. of 6
64-0158 Model DN/10 Constant Flow Syringe, 10 cc, pkg. of 6
64-0159 Model DN/20M Constant Flow Syringe, 20 cc, pkg. of 6
64-0160 Model DN/30M Constant Flow Syringe, 30 cc, pkg. of 6
64-0161 Model DN/60M Constant Flow Syringe, 60 cc, pkg. of 6
64-0162 Model RS-1 Ring Stand
64-0146 Model MSH/10M Syringe Base Mount, 10 cc
64-0147 Model MSH/20M Syringe Base Mount, 20 cc
64-0149 Model MSH/60M Syringe Base Mount, 60 cc
64-0150 Model MSH/140M Syringe Base Mount, 140 cc
64-0152 Model MSH/10 Syringe Add-On, 10 cc
64-0153 Model MSH/20 Syringe Add-On, 20 cc
64-0155 Model MSH/60 Syringe Add-On, 60 cc
64-0156 Model MSH/140 Syringe Add-On, 140 cc
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Constant Flow SyringesA common difficulty facing researchers when using a perfusion system is maintaining a constant rate of solution flow as the reservoir empties. In general, since head pressure is a linear function of column height, the change in volume of a 60 cc syringe as the solution reservoir drains can result in a 20% decrease in flow rate.

Warner Instruments is pleased to introduce a simple and unique solution to this common problem. The new DN Series Constant Flow Syringes virtually eliminate changes in flow rate, normally to less than 1%. These reservoirs are designed to maintain a constant pressure on the syringe contents without resorting to a complex or bulky apparatus.

When used in conjunction with Warner's FR-50 Solution Flow Valve, precise,
sub-maximal flow control is Close of of syringe hole 2easily achieved. Syringe reservoirs may be refilled without interrupting solution flow. Reservoirs are available in 5 to 60 cc volumes and can be used with Warner's MSH Series Modular Syringe Holder System.

Syringe Chart 

DN Syringe MSH Base Holder MSH Side Holders
Working VolumeModel No.Order No.Holding Syringe SizeBase HolderOrder No.Side HolderOrder No.
5 cc DN/5 64-0157 10 cc MSH/10M 64-0146 MSH/10 64-0152
10 cc DN/10 64-0158 20 cc MSH/20M 64-0147 MSH/20 64-0153
20 cc DN/20M 64-0159 60 cc MSH/60M 64-0149 MSH/60 64-0155
30 cc DN/30M 64-0160 60 cc MSH/60M 64-0149 MSH/60 64-0155
60 cc DN/60M 64-0161 140 cc MSH/140M 64-0150 MSH/140 64-0156
DN Series Syringes (2003.06.19).pdfConstant Flow Syringes (DN Series) Assembly Overview