IR Actimeter (Panlab)

IR Actimeter (Panlab)

Compact Infrared (IR) Actimeter for the study of spontaneous locomotor activity, rearings and optionally hole-board test parameters for exploration in rodents.

  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Minimum lighting conditions required
  • Interchangeable frames can be used without distinction for either REAR, ACT or POKING modes
  • Works with both open-field and home cage mode
  • Can be used with or without any computer (independent control units)

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
76-0127 (LE8815) IR Frame, 450 x 450 mm
76-0128 (LE8816) IR Frame, 250 x 250 mm
76-0131 (LE8817) Support for 45 x 45 Frame
76-0132 (LE8818) Support for 25 x 25 Frame
76-0134 (LE8825) Data Logger and PC Interface
76-0129 (LE8814) Transparent arena for 1 subject (4 walls for LE 8815), 440 x 440 mm (Open Field).
76-0130 (LE8813) Transparent arena for 1 subject (4 walls for LE 8816), 210 x 210 mm (Open Field)
76-0125 (LE8821) Transparent arena for 2 subjects (4 walls + divider for LE 8815), needs ActiTrack software.
76-0126 (LE8823) Transparent arena for 2 subjects (4 walls + divider for LE 8816), needs ActiTrack software.
76-0133 (LE8820) Hole Poke Base for 45 x 45 cm Frame
76-0406 (SEDACOMV2.0) SEDACOM Software V2.0
76-0608 (CONRS232USB) RS-232/USB Adapter for the SEDACOM software
76-0003 (ACTITRACK V2.7) Software for Global activity, Tracking and Rearing (Up to 32 Frames), includes 1 RS232/USB converter
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The Panlab Infrared (IR) Actimeter allows the study of spontaneous locomotor activity, rearings and optionally hole-board test parameters for exploration in rodents. A reliable system for easy and rapid drug screening and phenotype characterisation in both day and night lighting conditions.

The system is basically composed by a 2 dimensional (X and Y axes) square frame, a frame support and a control unit. Each frame counts with 16 x 16 infrared beams for optimal subject detection.

The system is completely modular: each frame may be used for evaluation of general activity (one or several animals), locomotor and stereotyped movements or rearings or exploration (nose-spoke detection in the hole-board option). The infrared photocell system can be set with up to 15 levels of sensitivity in order to adapt the frames to the typology of the animal (rats, mice). It can also be set to ignore the beams that are obstructed by objects (e.g. the walls/corners of the home cage).

The frames can be controlled by the independent control units LE8825 or directly through the optional SEDACOM computer software. The new SEDACOM 2.0 version provides an easy and convenient way to visualize and export the data on a computer for further analysis.

Optionally, the ActiTrack software option may be used to analyse animal trajectories (distance, speed, permanence time in selected zones) and then provide additional complementary data to those obtained using the control units.

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