Cold Light Sources

Cold Light Sources

Cold Light sources provide bright illumination without introducing heat.

  • IntraLED 3 - LED Cold Light Source
  • V-Lux 1000 - Cold Light Source
  • NCL150 - Cold Light Source

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
72-0216 V-Lux 1000, 230 V, Euro*
72-0217 V-Lux 1000, 230 V**
72-0218 V-Lux 1000, 230 V***
72-0231 V-Lux 1000, 230 V****
72-0232 V-Lux 1000, 230 V*****
72-0311 NCL 150, 120V/60Hz
72-0312 NCL 150, 230V/50Hz
72-0238 Standard Ringlight. 66 mm mounting diameter, 25-90 mm working distance with 750 mm (30") flexible length
72-0266 Bifurcated Gooseneck Light Guide, Gray, 5.4 mm fiber diameter (each arm)
72-0267 Bifurcated Gooseneck Light Guide, Black, 4.7 mm fiber diameter (each arm)
72-0269 Standard Focusing Lens
72-0219 Blank Filter Holder for Intralux 4/5/6000-1/DC 1100
72-0220 Blue Filter for Intralux 4000-1/5000-1/6000-1/DC 1100
72-0221 Red Filter for Intralux 4000 -1/5000-1/6000-1/DC 1100
72-0222 Green Filter for 4000 -1/5000-1/6000-1/DC 1100
72-0223 Yellow Filter for 4000 -1/5000-1/6000-1/DC 1100
72-0224 Daylight Filter for Intralux 4/5/6000-1/DC 1100
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IntraLED 3 - LED Cold Light Source intraLED 3

  • High luminous flux (>500 lm) and excellent light uniformity
  • Long lifetime (50,000 hours = 5.7 years in continuous mode)
  • Low power consumption compared to halogen light sources
  • Compact aluminum enclosure is easly integrated (threaded rails on 4 sides)
  • Compatible with light guides from Volpi and Schott-Fostec

The new LED light source intraLED 3 is the ideal lighting system for machine vision and industrial microscopy applications. It emits a very intense and uniform natural light.

The compact enclosure allows it to fit in tight spaces and provides smooth system integration. A real alternative to halogen light sources, the intraLED 3 offers significant cost savings and is environmentally friendly.

V-Lux 1000 - Cold Light SourceV-Lux

 The V-Lux 1000 is a low-cost quality fiber optic cold light source featuring many high-end features such as compact design, constant color temperature, long lamp life and low noise/vibration.

  • Ideal for Microscope Illumination
  • Constant color temperature and light emitting angle
  • Continuous intensity adjustment via crescent shaped diaphragm
  • Low-cost alternative to the Intralux series
  • For use with fiber optic ringlights, goosenecks, and flexible light guides

The V-Lux 1000 is ideal for any microscopy application, because it provides reliable, dependable, high-intensity cold halogen light. It was designed for use with all Volpi fiber optic components in microscopy applications. Although it is factory equipped with DDL Lamps, EKE bulbs may be easily substituted for slightly more light output. It has an integrated resettable fuse transformer. Non-120V power supply systems available. Ringlights and flexible fiber optic light guides purchased separately.

NCL 150 - Cold Light SourceNCL 150

The NCL-150 will provide reliable, dependable, high-intensity cold halogen light.

  • 20V/150W
  • Constant color temperature
  • Continuous intensity adjustment brightness
  • High/Low setings
  • Filter shot
  • Use of DDL or EKE bulbs
  • Long lamp life
  • Low noise/vibration

High Intensity Cold Halogen Light Source (IntraLED3)

Optical Specifications
Light source White High Power LED
Luminous flux at light guide output* Min. 500 lumen
Color temperature Typical 6000K
Color Rendering Index Typical 74%
Aperture angle Typical 0.5
Active light guide diameter 5 mm - 14 mm
LED life (Average life at 25°C) 50,000 h/30,000h  (L50/L70)

 *Lightguide: Active diameter 13.5 mm; NA 0.54; L=1 m

Electrical Specifications
Input Voltage 24 VDC +/- 10%
Power Consumption Max. 55 W
Power Supply Exterbak
Protective Circuit Reverse polarity and overheat protected


Manual Intensity Control Rotary potentiometer (stepless)
Modus Preset On/Off/Multiport
Communication Interface RS-232 (optional USB)
Multiport Digital and analog inputs
Intensity Resolution 1%
Response Time Approximately 5 ms


Mechanical Specifications
Mechanical light guide connector/adapter Volpi 15 mm or Schott-Fostec 18.3 mm ferrule
Enclosure Anodized aluminium
IP protection class IP 3X
Mounting M4 threaded rails
Dimensions (L x W x H) 173 x 100 x 100mm (6.81 x 3.93 x 3.93)
Weight (without power supply) 1.6 kg / 3.52 lb


Environmental Conditions
Operational temperature (Grad) Operation: -10°C to +40°C (14°F to 104°F)
Storage temperature (Grad) Storage: -25°C to +60°C (-13°F to 140°F)
Humidity 30-90%, not condensing

* Average of continuous operation

IntreLED spectrum IntreLED spectrum

Cold Light Source (V-Lux 1000)

Uniformly Illuminated
Light Guide Diameter
13 mm
Average Lamp Life DDL: 1000 h*
EKE 675h*
Color temperature DDL 3100°K
EKE 3150°K, constant
Light Adjustment Crescent shaped diaphragm
Lamp DDL-20 V/150 W or EKE-21 V/150 W
(H x W x D)
9.5 x 17.1 x 21.0 cm
(3.75 x 6.75 x 8.25 in)
Weight 4.5 kg (9.92 lb)

* Average of continuous operation

Cold Light Source (NCL-150)

Rated Lamp Life DDL 400/1400 hrs*
EKE 100/900 hrs*
Constant Color Temperature DDL 3280°K/3140°K
EKE 3310°K/3120°K
Light Adjustment Crescent shaped diaphragm
High/Low Settings 25 dB noise level
Filter Slot 98° F Housing temperature
Lamp DDL-20V/150W or EKE-21V/150W
(H x W x D)
10.5 x 21.9 x 21.9 cm
(4.125 x 8.625 x 8.625 in)
Weight 4.5 kg (10 lb)

* Average of continuous operation