CO2 Microscope Cage Incubator Enclosure

CO2 Microscope Cage Incubator Enclosure

The CO2 Microscope Cage Incubator is designed to maintain the required environmental conditions for cell culture around your microscopy workstation. 

  • Enclosure for the complete microscope
  • Compatible with virtually any inverted or upright microscope
  • Optional obscuring panels
  • Optional Filter box
  • Provides a complete controlled environment when used as part of the Cage Incubator System

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Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-2102 (H201-OP) Obscuring panels. They can be added to the lexan enclosure to create a dark environment
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Bold Line Microscope CageBold Line Microscope Cage

The CO2 Microscope Cage Incubator is designed to maintain the required environmental conditions for cell culture around your microscopy workstation. This permits prolonged observations on biological specimens while allowing space for additional equipment. Cells cultured within the cage incubator have been shown to proliferate as well as in a regular bench-top device. Models for all inverted and upright microscopes are available. A wide choice of chambers and interchangeable plate adapters allow the use of all cell culture support systems including petri dish, glass slides, multiwell plates, and others. trhe cage is also compatible with manual and digital CO2/O2 gas controllers.

The Enclosure

The microscope enclosure creates a large volume around the microscope. The body is constructed from lexan panels and is capable of housing several apparatus including the microscope, air heater, and humidifying module. Any lamps, the CCD, and other equipment such as confocal heads, lasers, spinning disks etc. are maintained external to the enclosure to minimize thermal effects on or by these devices. Customized designs according to specific requests can be accomodated.

Cage Features

Accessibility Bold Lne Microscope cage

The enclosure is designed to allow maximum accessibility of the microscope. Several windows on the front and side panels allow full and easy access to the microscope. Additional windows can be realized upon request. cage incubator doors

Easy turn-to-open assembly

Turn to open hinges allow an easy and fast removal both of the front and of the top panel. This allows free access to any part of the microscope. When needed, the cage incubator can be reassembled and placed again around the microscope in few seconds. Easy and quick mounting/dismounting of the panels is particularly important for facilities where flexible use of the microscope is necessary.

Black panels Black Panels

Black Panels can be added to the transparent enclosure to create a dark environment for fluorescence imaging. Easy and quick mounting/removal of the black panels is ensured by through turn-to-open hinges. cage incubator obscuring panels

Double air inlet

Double air inlets, equipped with diffusors, are located on Double Air Inletthe back of the enclosure and mimimize temperature gradients inside the cage. This ensures stable operation of the system. cage incubator obscuring panels

Temperature Sensor

A sensor measures the temperature of air inside the enclosure. It is possible to provide feedback to the T-Unit controller from this sensor. A self calibration algorithm ensures accuracy on specimen temperature.


Gaskets and sealed openings allow to introduce tubes and cables inside the enclosure

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