Clark Borosilicate Multi-Barrel Capillaries

Clark Borosilicate Multi-Barrel Capillaries

The properties of borosilicate glass make it the most popular material among researchers for the fabrication of electrodes and micro-pipettes.

  • High quality borosilicate glass
  • Two, three, five and seven barrel configurations
  • All multi-barrel configurations with filaments
  • Capillaries fused along their entire length
  • Ratio of outside to inside diameters preserved up to the pipette tip after pulling

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
30-0003 Borosilicate Multi-Barrel, 1.5 mm OD, 0.86 mm Wall, 75 mm L, 2 Barrels, Pkg. of 100
30-0001 Borosilicate Multi-Barrel, 1.5 mm OD, 0.86 mm Wall, 100 mm L, 2 Barrels, Pkg. of 100
30-0015 Borosilicate Multi-Barrel, 1.0 mm OD, 0.58 mm Wall, 150 mm L, 7 Barrels, Pkg. of 60
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The low softening temperature of this glass combined with its mechanical strength, chemical durability, high electrical resistivity, and ability to withstand thermal stress make these capillaries the most widely used in the world. Standard wall multi-barrel Clark borosilicate capillaries are offered in a variety of outer and inner diameters. Each barrel has an inner filament.

Micropipettes and microelectrodes manufactured from Clark glass are used primarily in intracellular and extracellular research. The end user can manufacture their own microelectrodes and micropipettes using standard pipette pulling and microforge techniques.

Composition 80.9% SiO2, 12.9% B2O3, 4.4% Na2O, 1.8% Al2O3
Softening Temp 815°C
Dielectric Constant 4.7
Tolerance (OD) ±0.05 mm


 Barrels OD
Qty/Pkg Model Order #
2      1.2 0.86 0.32 ±0.05 75 100 2GC150F-7.5  30-0003
100 100 2GC150F-10 30-0001 
150 100 7GC100F-15  30-0015


   1.0 0.58 0.21  ±0.05