Respiratory System Checklist

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    • Mice
    • Mouse
    • Rats
    • Guinea-pig
    • Rabbit
    • Dog
    • Pig

    • Anaesthetised
    • using intubation
    • using tracheotomy
    • Ventilated
    • Ventilator required
    • Free breathing
    • Alternative gas mixture application (e.g. hypoxia, hypercapnia)

    • OP-Table
    • Plethysmographic box
    • Anaesthesia equipment
    • Nebulizer for aerosol
    • Pneumotachometer
    • Conscious
    • Unconscious

    • Headout Box
    • Double Chamber Box
    • Nebulizer for aerosol

    • Surgical instruments
    • Infusion pump
    • Catheter tubing

    • Respiratory Air Flow
    • Intrapleural / Esophageal pressure
    • Tracheal pressure
    • Capnography

    • Left ventricular pressure Arterial Blood Pressure in:
    • Carotid A.
    • Femoral A.
    • Venous Blood Pressure
    • ECG
    • multi-lead ECG
    • Temperature

    • Computer data acquisition
    • Desktop Computer
    • Laptop
    • PC-Computer available
    For evaluation of typical parameters, such as:

    On anesthetized animals

    • From Pulmonary Air Flow RespRate, maxInspFl, maxExpFl, TV, dynResistance, Conductance, dynCompliance
    • From all Pulmonary Pressures Maximum, minimum, mean pressure
    • From Temperature Mean value
    On conscious animals

    Headout Box

    • From Airflow in thoracic chamber: Respiration Rate (RR), Peak Inspiratory Flow (PIF), Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF), Tidal Volume (TV)
    Double Chamber Box

    • From Airflow in thoracic and nasal chamber: Phasic Shift in msec (PenSift), Specific Airway Resistance (Res)
    Additional Software Modules:

    • Module Advanced Pulm Flow Inspiratory time, Expiratory time, Apnea time, Total time, Time of brake, Time of pause, Airflow at 0.5TV
    • Module for Blood Pressure Systolic, diastolic, mean pressure, npmn, Heart Rate
    • Module to display P-V LOOPS
    • Module for LVP LVPsys, LVPedp, dP/dtmax, dP/dtmin, heart rate
    • Module for ECG RR-I, HR

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