Isolated Perfused Lung System Checklist

Configure Your Ideal Isolated Perfused Lung System

Please use this checklist as a guide to help you define the specific components of an Isolated Perfused Lung System suitable for your research needs. Then contact Technical Services for assistance with any questions and to obtain a quotation. Please do not select all boxes.

    • Mouse
    • Mouse
    • Rat
    • Guinea Pig
    • Rabbit
    • Pig


    • Negative pressure ventilation*
    • Alternative Gas supply (not room air)
    • Positive pressure ventilation
    *Negative Pressure ventilation is accomplished by drawing air from the lung chamber creating a negative pressure in the chamber so that the lung draws air rather than having a set volume of air forced into the lungs (positive pressure). Negative pressure ventilation is the most physiological and slows edema formation.


    • Constant flow perfusion
    • Constant pressure perfusion


    • Krebs-Henseleit Solution
    • Erythrocyte-containing solution
    • Blood


    • pH maintained by CO2 control
    • Deoxygenation (typically nitrogen gas)

    IPL Systems
    • Respiratory Air Flow
    • Artifical thorax pressure, intrapleural pressure
    • Tracheal pressure
    • Perfusion pressure / pulmonary artery pressure
    • Venous pressure
    • Perfusion flow
    • Lung weight

    Perfusion Solution Monitoring
    • Temperature
    • pO2
    • pCO2
    • pH


    • Drug nebulization (aerosol generator)
    • Drug application via syringe pump


    • Desktop
    • Laptop


    • From Pulmonary Air Flow RespRate, maxInspFl, maxExpFl, TV, dynResistance, Conductance, dynCompliance
    • From all Pulmonary Pressures Maximum, minimum, mean pressure
    • From Temperature Mean value
    • Inspiratory time, Expiratory time, Apnea time, Total time, Time of brake, Time of pause, Airflow at 0.5TV (Advanced Module Required)
    • Systolic, diastolic, mean pressure, npmn, Heart Rate (Advanced Module Required)
    • P-V LOOPS (Advanced Module Required)
    • LVPsys, LVPedp, dP/dtmax, dP/dtmin, heart rate (Advanced Module Required)
    • ECG RR-I, HR (Advanced Module Required)

    Please give us a brief description of the aims of your study.
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