Isolated Heart System Checklist

Configure Your Ideal Isolated Heart System

Please use this checklist as a guide to help you define the specific components of an Isolated Heart System suitable for your research needs. Then contact Technical Services for assistance with any questions and to obtain a quotation. Please do not select all boxes.


    • Mice
    • Mouse
    • Rat
    • Guinea pig
    • Rabbit
    • Small Pig


    • Cardiomyocyte isolation only
    • Retrograde perfusion according to Langendorff
    • Later upgrade to a working ejecting heart system
    • Ejecting, working heart according to Neely (left heart only)
    • Ejecting, bi-ventricular working heart (right heart and left heart perfusion) only on rat and rabbit hearts


    • Krebs-Henseleit solution
    • Erythrocyte-containing solution
    • Blood
    • Recirculating


    • Perfusion pressure/aortic pressure
    • Left venticular pressure (LVP) with balloon method
    • Coronary flow


    • Preload pressure
    • Aortic pressure (afterload pressure)
    • LVP with pressure catheter
    • LVP pressure volume loop
    • Atrial flow (cardiac output)
    • Coronary flow
    • Aortic flow
    • Preload (diastolic) pressures >11cmH20 (Gottlieb valve add-on)


    • Temperature
    • pO2
    • pCO2
    • pH


    • Pacing


    • Multi lead ECG mapping with 32 or 64 electrodes (MSC FlexMEA System)
    • Single Lead ECG
    • Single epicardial Monophasic Action Potential MAP
    • Single endocardial Monophasic Action Potential MAP


    • 12-lead (6 Einthoven-Goldberger and 6 Wilson leads)
    • 6-lead (6 Einthoven-Goldberger leads)
    • Multi-monophasic MAP (only on larger hearts)

    • * Only on rat and larger hearts, IH-5 system


    • Desktop
    • Laptop

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