Large Animal Sling Suits & Frame (Cats, Dogs and Rabbits)

Price on Request

The Large Animal Sling Suits are manufactured from a polyester mesh fabric sewn in double layers. The jacket portion of the suit is closed with two zippers attached to an expandable spandex insert allowing for an adjustable fit. All jackets are unisex and all edges and leg openings are bound with cotton jersey fabric for added comfort. The suit attaches to the frame with detachable zippered sleeves along the length of the jacket. This enables the animal to be removed from the frame without removing the jacket. The bars of the frame slip through these detachable sleeves.

  • Rugged sling suits withstand repeated laundering for long life
  • Large animal frames are constructed of stainless steel for superior quality and easy cleaning
  • Sling suits are also available for rodents

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