Cat/Dog Balloons (3.5 to 4.0 kg)

Price on Request

Latex Balloons are used for measuring isovolumetric contractile forces in the left ventricle of isolated perfused hearts. These latex balloons are available in several different sizes to be used with hearts from rats up to pigs. Review the table to select the right size balloon for your application.

These latex balloons are not suitable for mice hearts due to the rigidity of the latex material. A technique using cling-film allows you to create small balloons which can be used for such small hearts. If you are working with mice, please order the Mouse Ventricular Balloon Kit BS4 73-2787.

These Latex Balloons are sold in packages of 10 balloons. There are also convenient sample kits available that contain a selection of various sized balloons. Stainless steel catheters and Syringes are also available.

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