PACKWIN Software (Panlab)

Price on Request

Handy software for standard operant conditioning and behavioral procedures en small laboratory animals.

  • Even more user-friendly interface!
  • Aperture assistant and experimental tool bar
  • Modular structure (targeted to specific experiments or fully customizable)
  • Straigthforward “State-Editor” tool for protocol configurations (no need of specific programming skills
  • Assistant panels and specific reports for 5/9 holes procedures, Vogel test, fear conditioning and startle reflex studies
  • Operant chamber simulator tool (unique feature in the market!)
  • Test boxes function for hardware checking purpose
  • Built-in Yoked procedure settings
  • Optimal data traceability
  • Integrated potent analysis module and plot makers
  • Batch analysis and direct exportation to Excel (1 session per row)

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