SMART Video Tracking System Accessories - Image Sources, Digitalizers and Supports

SMART Video Tracking System Accessories - Image Sources, Digitalizers and Supports

The SMART video tracking system offer maximum versatility in terms of the images sources, digitalizer and camera supports that can be used with the system.

  • Analog cameras
  • Digital camera
  • Microcameras
  • Webcam
  • USB Digitalizer
  • Camera supports

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
76-0761 (CAMDCCOLOR) USB Digital Camera - Color
76-0766 (CAMDCBW) USB Digital Camera - Monochrome
76-0768 (CAMDCNIR) USB Digital Camera - Monochrome NIR
76-0762 (CAMDCCABLE3) USB Cable for Digital Camera - 3m
76-0763 (CAMDCCABLE5) USB Cable for Digital Camera - 5m
76-0764 (CAMDCCABLE8) USB Cable for Digital Camera - 8m
76-0530 (CAMIRMINI) Microcamera with Day/Night led illumination system
76-0261 (CAMWEB2) High Resolution WebCam
76-0262 (CONVANAUSB) Analog/USB Video Converter
76-0277 (CAMROOF) Roof Camera Support
76-0274 (CAMTRIPOD) Boom Stand for Camera
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SMART is a complete and user-friendly video-tracking system for evaluating behavior in experimental animals. It allows the recording of activity, trajectories, events, social behavior interactions and performs the calculations of a wide range of analysis parameters.

Live mage Sources and Digital Video Files

SMART offers maximum versatility - researchers can opt for live image or digital video files - depending on their application requirements. Both image sources are handled with the same outstanding flexibility and analysis features.

“Live image” source

Data acquisition can be performed online during the “live” experiment simply by connecting an external camera (directly of through a image digitalizer) or a video reader device (VHS, DVD devices). Alternatively, the experiment can be recorded via video camera, or video digital recorder and processed On- or Off-line.

“Digital video digital” source

Experimental images are recorded in digital format and are transferred into the computer hard drive for SMART tracking process. Most of the standard digital formats such as MPG, AVI, DIVX and VOB are aimed to be supported by SMART (ask details to your local sales delegate)


SMART is compatible with almost any kind of cameras, except WIFI and IP cameras. We also do not recommend the use of the system with camcorder except if the model used allow a deactivation of the automated seetings of the camera. We only ensure 100% compatibility and support to the models of camera we provide.

Here a the list of cameras usually compatible with our system:

  • Standard Analog Cameras or mini CCD Cameras with varifocal lens
  • Digital USB Cameras
  • WIA-compatible Cameras
  • Infrared Cameras for near-dark applications
  • USB or Web Cameras

Image Digitalizers

For using an analog camera with the SMART video tracking system an analog/digital USB converter is needed. The model proposed is the 76-0262 USB analog/digital converter which is the most common option use with the system for standard video tracking experiments. Whether a better resolution and frame rate is needed, please contact us for discussion. We only provide 100% compatibility with the models recommended by our company.

Camera Supports

The analog and USB digital cameras (not the webcam) are provided with the standard mount screw allowing their fixation on any standard camera support that can be purchased locally by the use. In case of need, we can provide 2 models of camera supports: ceiling support (76-0277) or boom stand (76-0274).