Record-it! Video Recording Solutions (Panlab)

Record-it! Video Recording Solutions (Panlab)

Ensure traceability and security by saving the image of the experiment in a digital video file!

  • Full compatibility with Panlab video-tracking (but use not exclusive to Panlab systems!).
  • Systems available from 1 to up to 16 cameras.
  • On-line, Off-line and Off/Online combined video-tracking options.
  • Built-in video recording solution included in all SMART 3.0 software platforms.
  • External video recording solutions available for boosting the performances of your laboratory.
  • Fast video-digital codifi cations.

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
76-0698 (RECORDIT1USB) Digital Video Recorder Software for Single Image Source (Includes One A/D USB Converter)
76-0527 (RECORDIT4) Digital Video Recorders for up to 4 Image Sources
76-0531 (RECORDIT8) Digital Video Recorders for up to 8 Image Sources
76-0603 (RECORDITLIVE4) Cables, Adapters, Multiplexer/Switch for up to 4 Cameras
76-0604 (RECORDITLIVE8) Cables, Adapters, Multiplexer/Switch for up to 8 Cameras
76-0601 (RECORDITMON) HDMI Monitor Accessory for RECORDIT4 and RECORDIT8 Solutions
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RECORD-IT! Our solutions for digital video recording!

The RECORD-IT! range of advanced built-in and external solutions has been designed for storing the video of your experiments.

The RECORD-IT! solutions can be easily integrated with the Panlab family of video-tracking products (SMART 3.0 release as well as previous versions of SMART and Smart JUNIOR) and any other video-tracking compatible with the video format used, so that the videos generated by RECORDIT! can be easily used in those applications with no more work than to install the appropriate video decoder modules.

Tree main lines of RECORD-IT! solutions are available: (1) Built-in RECORD-IT! solution, (2) External RECORD-IT! solution for 1 camera and (3) External RECORD-IT! solution for up to 8 cameras.

All the RECORD-IT! solutions have been developed with the research task kept in mind, making them more convenient than some other standard recording device (DVD, multimedia devices...)

  • Record each camera independently, that is, each camera could record the sequence at any time and during any time lapse freely defined by the User.
  • Generate digital video files which could be processed with standard codecs in a Microsoft Windows environment (that is, no proprietary internal formats which can only be reviewed with specific software).
  • Generate independent digital video files on-the-fly (that is, without needing exportation and/or post-generation processes) for each rec-stop sequence.
  • Easy methodology provided for identifying each video sequence recorded (for example, labelling them with the camera number, date and time).
  • Simple upload of each independent video sequence recorded to a PC via a simple copy/paste function.
  • Full support provided by our Technical Support Department. Let us assist in configuring the solution that is right for your needs...and we will be there to help get you up and running!

Built-in RECORD-IT! solution

This solution is directely embbed in the SMART video tracking v.3.0 platfom (for 1 image source). Recording settings and START/STOP are directly available from the SMART V3.0 software image source player.

External RECORD-IT! solution for 1 camera

External digital video recording software solution provided with a analog/USB digitalizer (for 1 image source)

External RECORD-IT! solution for up to 8 cameras

External video recording device for recording the video of up to 4 or 8 image sources.