Thermal tests

Tail Flick Analgesia Meters (Panlab) A sensitive test for studying the analgesic properties of pharmacological substances. It can --> Learn More
Rodent Holders (Panlab) Panlab holders for rodents are commonly used in behavioral experiments requiring an animal --> Learn More
SEDACOM Software (Panlab) SEDACOM is a polyvalent and straightforward communication software for stand-alone equipment. Learn More
Hot Plate Analgesia Meter (Panlab) For a rapid and precise screening of analgesic drug properties on small-laboratory animals --> Learn More
Hot/Cold Plate Analgesia Meters The Hot/Cold Plate Analgesia Meter is an innovative instrument opening new investigation fields --> Learn More
Thermal Place Preference For testing animal sensitivity to pain resulting from exposure to heat or cold. --> Learn More
Thermal Gradient test The Thermal Gradient Test is one of the very few thermal nociception tests being operator --> Learn More
Plantar Test (Hargreaves' Method) Analgesia Meters The Plantar Test (Hargreaves’ Method) enables the researcher to discern a peripherally --> Learn More

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