Operant boxes

Habitest Modular Cages and Mazes (Coulbourn) Designed for maximum flexibility, Habitest allows the user to implement the most behavioral test --> Learn More
Habitest Graphic State Software (Coulbourn) Software, Interface and Control for advanced / specific operant conditioning and behavioral --> Learn More
Modular Operant / Behavior Box (Panlab) Modular operant boxes for standard operant conditioning procedures. --> Learn More
PACKWIN Software (Panlab) Handy software for standard operant conditioning and behavioral procedures en small laboratory --> Learn More
Habitest Modular System - Shuttle and Passive Avoidance Box (Coulbourn) Fully modular Habitest configuration for active and passive Avoidance experiments in rodents. --> Learn More
Compact Shuttle Box (Panlab) Compact shuttle box for carrying out conditioned reflexes (Active and Passive Avoidance tests) --> Learn More
Compact 5/9 Holes Box (Panlab) The compact 5/9-hole box is commonly used to evaluate attention performance using a visual --> Learn More

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