BDAS Basic Data Acquisition Software

BDAS Basic Data Acquisition Software

For monitoring and analyzing smooth, slow moving signals such as pressures, flows, temperature, pH, pO2, pCO2 and smooth muscle contractions. Can also be used as ECG /EMG /EEG monitoring software.

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73-4796 BDAS Basic Data Acquisition Software for Windows
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BDAS software is an easy data acquisition software for measuring relatively slow moving signals where only a mean value is of interest such as temperature, pH, pO2 , pCO2 , pK+, mean flow, mean pressure, and smooth muscle contraction. It can also be used as ECG /EMG/EEG monitoring software or to monitor vital signals from different instruments e.g capnographs, and other amplifiers.

BDAS software can acquire a maximum of 8 or 16 channels (depending on hardware used  73-3330, 73-4817, 73-4818 , i.e. up to 16 different raw signals can be handled. 

The assignment of the signals to the individual channels is determined in the menu by the user. The sample rate, the type of signals and the algorithm used for analysis are also defined by the user. The arrangement of the graphic detail (raw signals) and trend (calculated parameters) is defined in the menu. User defined parameters can be created by formulas. 


  • Choose available signals to acquire and display.
  • Choose from possible parameters to evaluate and display.
  • Enter experimental protocol.
  • Calibrate.
  • Start data acquisition.

During data acquisition, all acquired signals and derived parameters are displayed on screen. All raw data and trend data are stored. Data reduction tools are included. Export of data to any statistc package are possible.

For each acquired signal you can calculate the following parameters over a user-defined window (.e.g 2 or 4 seconds):

  • Maximum, e.g. systolic pressure
  • Minimum, e.g., diastolic pressure
  • Mean, for pulsatile signals
  • Non-pulsatile mean, for non-pulsatile signals
  • Rate, e.g. heart rate or respiration rate, depending on what is measured.

Additional available software modules:

73-2706 ECG/Heart Rate Module Calculates RR-Interval and Heart Rate

The software can also control our Programmable stimulator modules, requires 73-0224 Software module for PSM control and the necessary PSM hardware.


Signals processed by BDAS:

P  Pressure
Fl  Flow
F  Tension (force)
D  Displacement
T  Temperature
K  Concentrations
pO2  Oxygen partial pressure
pCO2  Carbon dioxide partial pressure
pH  pH