Automated Two-Electrode Voltage Clamp Systems

Automated Two-Electrode Voltage Clamp Systems

Warner Instruments in collaboration with NeoBiosystems, Inc., is pleased to introduce an automated workstation for oocyte two-electrode voltage clamp experiments.

  • Single and dual channel systems available
  • Eliminates microscope
  • Manipulators may be used for both patch and oocyte voltage clamp experiments
  • High efficiency design

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This complete workstation is built on a strong foundation of the NeoBiosystems ChanneLMAX 100A Mini computer controlled manipulators, the Warner Instruments OC-725C oocyte voltage clamp, a VC-8P eight channel valve control system, and a custom perfusion chamber.

Save time, money, and increase throughput using a system featuring the world's most widely used two electrode whole-cell voltage clamps for Xenopus oocytes. The unique design of the OC-725C bath clamp eliminates the need for series resistance compensation. It also provides an accurate measurement of bath current by creating a virtual bath ground while simultaneously clamping the bath potential at zero.

The high compliance of ±180 volts, and the AC clamp gain of 2 x 103 in addition to the DC gain of 1 x 106, ensures accurate clamp voltage is maintained even when working with high conductance (leaky) oocytes.

Connecting the OC-725 to pclamp (2005.06.24).pdfConnecting the OC-725 to pClamp