Automated Foot Misplacement - Kinetic Weight Bearing Test

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The Kinetic Weight Bearing (KWB) system is an alternative method generating quantitative data on footprints and gait in spontaneously moving animals.

  • Real time analysis and review process embedded in a single application programme interface
  • Available for rats and for mice
  • Measures gait parameters as well as max force/propulsion time applied for each step and each paw laid on the floor
  • Correct trials detected (speed) and automatically split from A SINGLE video file
  • Records Gravity Center Path and video barycenter
  • Displays each run results and averaged results from homogeneous runs
  • Automatic software routine for paw identification from the first step to the end of the run
  • Front wall easily removable for cleaning
  • Adjustable corridor width
  • Target zone fits animal home cage

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