Agar Bridge Reference Electrode Kit (ABR-1)

Agar Bridge Reference Electrode Kit (ABR-1)

The ABR-1 Reference Electrode Kit is designed for use with Warner low volume recording chambers and dishes.

  • Enables solution grounding with Series 40 Recording Chambers and 35 mm Cell Culture Dishes
  • Mounts conventional agar bridges onto Warner's magnetic plates for chambers
  • Designed for the QE-1 Platform

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-1426 Reference Electrode Kit
64-1428 Replacement Pipette Tips, pkg of 10
64-1323 PJ2-5 2 mm Jack, Uninsulated, pkg. of 5
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The ABR-1 Agar Bridge Reference Electrode Kit consists of a flexible holder1 mm diameter silver wire electrode mounted into a modified pipette tip that can be filled
with a 3 M KCl agar mixture.

An included magnetic clamp with a flexible holder for the pipette tip is the perfect tool for positioning the electrode at any angle in the chamber or dish. In addition, the pipette tips can be cut to length or shaped using a heat gun.

The silver wire electrode comes with 1 meter of flexible wire terminated in a
2 mm pin.

LPE-10 replacement tips are sold separately.