ACAD Data Acquisition Software for Isolated Tissue Experiments

ACAD Data Acquisition Software for Isolated Tissue Experiments

For in vitro studies on isolated tissues such as smooth muscle, and beating or electrically stimulated tissues. (Tissue bath studies)

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73-4791 ACAD Data Acquisition Software for Isolated Tissue Studies for Windows
73-0224 PSM and PPG Control Software Module
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ACAD (Automatic Controlled Analysis of Data) is a data acquisition, monitoring and evaluation software for measurement of tissue contractions including on-line calculation of Resting Tension, Amplitude, Rate, ±dF/dt, Contraction time CT, Relaxation time RT, Response duration RD, Peak duration PD. It can be adapted to virtually any investigation using tissue bath experiments. User defined parameters can be created by formulas. 

All acquired signals and all calculated parameters can be displayed in two graphic windows (Detail and Trend) according to the settings of the user. Complete raw data of experiment are stored on hard disk and can be replayed any time later after experiment. Includes graphic selection of trend data points for easy data reduction. 

The ACAD software can acquire a maximum of 8 or 16 channels depending on hardware used  73-3330 (16 ch),   73-4817 (8 ch),  73-4818 (16 ch) or 73-0161 (16 ch), i.e. up to 16 different raw signals can be handled. 

The assignment of the signals to the individual channels is determined in the menu by the user. The sample rate, the type of signals and the algorithm used for analysis are also defined by the user. The arrangement of the graphic detail (raw signals) and trend (calculated parameters) is defined in the menu. 


  • Choose available signals to acquire and display.
  • Choose from possible parameters to evaluate and display.
  • Enter experimental protocol.
  • Calibrate. (Calibration can be taken from previous experiment).  
  • Start data acquisition. 

During data acqusition, all acquired signals and derived parameters are displayed on screen. All raw data and trend data are stored. Data reduction tools are included. Export of data to any statistc package are possible.

The software can also control our Programmable Stimulator Modules PSM (73-0224). Together with one or multiple Programmable Stimulator Modules and the 73-0161 hardware, the user can set up a 4-channel stimulator in a PLUGSYS 603 rack, for example, for electrical stimulation of four tissues in an four-channel tissue bath. Continuous Stimulation or Train Stimulation is possible. 


HSE-ACAD for tissue, muscles and smooth muscles calculates the following parameters:

  • Resting tension 
  • Amplitude 
  • Rate, ±dF/dt 
  • Contraction time CT 
  • Relaxation time RT 
  • Response duration RD 
  • Peak duration PD 

 This software can be used for beating tissues and stimulated beating tissues such as atrium or papillary muscle.

It is possible to use the HA-HSE Programmable Stimulator PSM (73-0224) to trigger an external stimulator using a PPG module. Additional hardware required.