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If you have a question regarding our products, policies or procedures, please contact our customer service or technical support department. You may reach those departments by calling, faxing or sending a note by e-mail or traditional mail.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Do I Establish an Open Account with Harvard Apparatus?
  2. How Can I Get a Copy of My Credit Card Payment Receipt?
  3. How Can I Get a Copy of My Invoice?





  1. How Do I Establish an Open Account with Harvard Apparatus?
    An open account allows customers to place orders using an official purchase order. To establish an open account you must complete and submit the following forms:
    Customer Information Sheet
    Trade and Bank Reference Sheet
    New Account Authorization

    These forms can be submitted by fax or email. A purchase order should be submitted with these forms. For US companies, the process will take up to three business days. When the credit review process is complete, you will receive notification of the results by fax or email. Universities and Colleges only need to submit the Customer Information Sheet form. Universities/Colleges will typically receive their new account approval within 24 hours.

    Where Do I Get the Necessary Forms to Establish an Open Account? These forms are available in PDF format. Please click on the above links to download these forms. If you prefer to have us fax you copies of these forms, please call our Accounts Receivable Department at 508-893-8999 ext. 111.


  2. How Can I Get a Copy of My Credit Card Payment Receipt?
    Copies of receipts, along with the invoices, are mailed to the end user within 2-3 business days of merchandise shipment. If you have not received a copy of your credit card receipt and invoice in the mail within 10 business days from the date on your packing list, then please call our Accounts Receivable Department at 508-893-8999 ext. 111 to have a copy faxed.


  3. How Can I Get a Copy of My Invoice?
    If you need a duplicate copy of your invoice, please call our Accounts Receivable Department at 508-893-8999 ext 111 to have a copy faxed.



New Advanced Safety Ventilator with Volume/Pressure Modes

  • Ventilate mice to cats with one ventilator: 15 g [0.48 oz] to 35 kg [77.16 lbs]
  • Easy to use in volume only or constant pressure mode
  • Built in PEEP
  • Built in 'Sigh Breath' and 'Assist Mode'
  • Adjustable I:E Ratio (1:4 to 4:1)

Breakthrough Products for Regenerative Medicine
2011 Regenerative Medicine Brochure
100's of Innovative products developed with leading scientists & surgeons!
  • Injection & Perfusion
  • Bioreactors
  • Biosensing
  • Total Solutions
  • Total Support

2013 Pumps Catalog
legendary performance for every application
129 Pages of Syringe, Persitaltic, Blood, Pressure, Piston Pumps & Accessories.
  • Infusion
  • Dispensing
  • Cell Injection
  • Perfusion
  • MS Calibration
  • More


Products on this website are for Research Use Only. Not for use in humans unless
proper investigational device regulations have been followed.

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