Reusable Dialyzers

Reusable Fast Flow-Thru Dialyzers The Flow-Thru Macro Dialyzer is a new and unique product that is ideal for electro-elution, --> Learn More
Reusable Standard Dialyzers The Reusable Single Sided Dialyzer is a simple single-sided device for dialysis of biological --> Learn More
Reusable Spin Dialyzers The Spin Dialyzer is our high-quality dialyzer with a magnetic feature incorporated --> Learn More
Reusable Fast Spin Dialyzers The Fast Spin Dialyzer is a reusable, leak-proof dialyzer with an internal magnetic bar. This --> Learn More
Reusable Ultra Fast Dialyzers The Ultra-Fast Dialyzer boasts all the features of the regµlar Dialyzer plus an additional --> Learn More

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