Fluovac and Accessories

Fluovac System The Fluovac Systems combines small animal anesthesia with operator safety. • --> Learn More
Fluovac Mask Support Designed to hold a Fluovac mask in position on a flat surface. This support minimizes the risk --> Learn More
Fluovac Isolator Valve The Fluovac Isolator Valve redirects gas from the Fluovac mask when the mask is no longer in --> Learn More
Fluovac Exhaust Tube Mount A 22 mm tapered adapter that fits into the exhaust port on the Fluovac Base Unit in order --> Learn More
Fluosorber Filter Cannister Activated charcoal canister that is packed to optimize halogenated gas absorption --> Learn More
Fluovac Masks Specially designed double mask sets that allow for proper fresh anesthetic gas delivery and --> Learn More
Fluovac Anesthetizing Chambers and Scavenging Systems Fluovac Anesthetizing Chambers are designed to work specifically with the Fluovac. --> Learn More
Scavenged Anesthetizing Chambers Simply plug a size 1 mask into the rear socket and turn on the Fluovac and gas supply. Learn More
Halovet Tube Mounts These convenient tube mounts are used with Fluovac systems and Fluosorber canisters. Can also --> Learn More

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