Fluovac and Accessories

Fluovac System The Fluovac Systems combines small animal anesthesia with operator safety. • --> Learn More
Fluovac Anesthetizing Chambers and Scavenging Systems Fluovac Anesthetizing Chambers are designed to work specifically with the Fluovac. --> Learn More
Scavenged Anesthetizing Chambers Simply plug a size 1 mask into the rear socket and turn on the Fluovac and gas supply. Learn More
Fluosorber Filter Cannister Activated charcoal canister that is packed to optimize halogenated gas absorption --> Learn More
Fluovac Masks Specially designed double mask sets that allow for proper fresh anesthetic gas delivery and --> Learn More
Fluovac Mask Support Designed to hold a Fluovac mask in position on a flat surface. This support minimizes the risk --> Learn More
Fluovac Isolator Valve The Fluovac Isolator Valve redirects gas from the Fluovac mask when the mask is no longer in --> Learn More
Halovet Tube Mounts These convenient tube mounts are used with Fluovac systems and Fluosorber canisters. Can also --> Learn More
Fluovac Exhaust Tube Mount A 22 mm tapered adapter that fits into the exhaust port on the Fluovac Base Unit in order --> Learn More

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