Anesthetizing Masks

Small Animal Anesthesia Masks These Anesthesia Masks were designed with smaller animals in mind. They have a simple --> Learn More
Cat Anesthesia Masks These soft pliable vinyl plastic masks conform to the facial contours of a cat. They are fitted --> Learn More
Canine Anesthesia Masks These masks provide a convenient way of providing artificial ventilation or administration --> Learn More
Rodent Anesthesia Circuit Set and Mask • Unique circuit designed specifically for rodent anesthesia • Best suited for --> Learn More
Modified Jackson Rees Non-Rebreathing Anesthesia Circuit The Modified Jackson Rees (MJR) is a new design for non-rebreathing. Unlike the old scavenging --> Learn More
Universal Rebreathing Anesthesia F-Circuit The Universal F-circuit is a rebreathing circuit that can be used on small animals up to 200 --> Learn More
COAX-4 Breathing Device The COAX-4 is a co-axial breathing apparatus for maintaining the surgical plane. It is intended --> Learn More

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