Standard Motorized Micromanipulator

Standard Motorized Micromanipulator

Possesses greater spatial resolution than the manual control version.

  • 37 mm of travel in probe direction (X-axis) and 20 mm of travel in lateral (Y-axis) and vertical (Z-axis) directions, all graduated in 0.1 mm increments
  • All three control knobs located in single plane for ease of operation
  • Additional motorized control unit required
  • For use with microscope magnifications up to 250x
  • Positioning in sup-micron range is possible
  • Micromanipulator does not have to be touched for fine adjustment
  • Smallest step size is 0.5 µm enabling positioning in sub-micron range
  • Flexible motor coupling ensures zero vibration of probe during movement

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
460-5251 1/2 to 10 mm adapter (bushing) for magnetic bases"
60-0581 3-Direction Joystick Control Unit
60-0580 Replacement Screened Cable
60-0604 Tool Holder, pkg. of 3
69-1066 10 mm Rod Clamp, for use with Magnetic Bases
69-1067 12 mm Rod Clamp, for use with Magnetic Bases
64-1609 (MTB-1) Tilting base, for MM Series micromanipulators
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Available with choice of:

  • 1- or 2-tool/electrode holders
  • Tilt base or clamp mounting
  • Right-handed or left-handed use

The Standard Motorized Control Micromanipulator has the same manual coarse adjustment for each of the three axes graduated in 0.1 mm increments (i.e. X-axis 37 mm of travel; Y- and Z-axes 20 mm of travel each) as the manual version. Its additional motorized control however, enables much finer spatial resolution to 0.5 µm. The complete system (i.e. manipulator with controller) was designed for use with microscope magnifications up to 250x.

Note: For operation, these motorized micromanipulators require the Push Button Control Unit, either alone or in conjunction with the 3-Direction Joystick Control Unit, both of which must be ordered separately.

On each of the three axes there is installed an additional fine adjustment slide with built-in miniature DC-motors rotating micrometer spindles. This motorized fine adjustment has 10 mm (2-1/2 in) of travel on each axis and the scales read to 0.01 mm. The micromanipulators provide hands off control for fine adjustments. Each axis has a controller motor with a flexible coupling to the micrometer spindle which ensures that the probe can be moved with zero vibration.

Motorized micromanipulators are available with one- or two-tool/electrode holder options. The micromanipulator with the two-tool/electrode holder has a swing-in/swing-out platform. This feature permits the entire x-axis platform with tool holder to be swung out to the side for rapid and easy exchange and cleaning of tools, capillaries, electrodes, etc. After exchange/cleaning of tools, the platform swings back to the prior working position without losing time for readjustment. Motorized micromanipulators with this X-axis tilt should always be mounted in the vertical position to make best use of the tilting fine control.

ItemShipping Weight Shipping Dimensions
60-0571 Single right handed standard motorized control micromanipulator with clamp base 4 lbs 14x10x7
60-0577 Push button controller for motorized manipulator 3 lbs14x10x7