Series 20 Stage Adapters

Series 20 Stage Adapters

Series 20 Stage Adapters

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-0299 Adapter for Prior & Ludl Motorized Stage on Upright, SA-20PL
64-0300 Adapter for Prior & Ludl Motorized Stage on Inverted, SA-20PLI
64-0302 Adapter for HAI 900 Inverted Microscope
64-0301 Adapter for Zeiss Leitz DMIRB/E with 3-Plate Mechanical Stage, SA-20L3P
64-0336 Adapter for Zeiss Axiovert with 75 x 30 Mechanical Stage3, SA-20UUZ
64-0297 Adapter for Zeiss Axiovert with 85 x 130 Mechanical Stage2, SA-20KZ
64-0295 Adapter for Burleight Gibraltarâ„¢, SA-OLY/2
64-0386 Adapter for Olympus Burleigh Gibraltar, SA-OLY/3
64-0294 Adapter for Olympus IMT, SA-OLY
64-0340 Adapter for Nikon Eclipse TS100, SA-TS100
64-0293 Adapter for Nikon TMS with 9 x 13 cm Cut-Out, SA-TMS/9
64-0292 Adapter for Nikon TMS with 8 x 12 cm Cut-Out, SM-TMS/8
64-0298 Adapter for Nikon E400/E600/E800 and Olympus BX-40/BX-50/IX81, SA-20UU
64-0291 Adapter for Nikon Diaphot/TE200/TE2000, SA-NIK
64-0296 Adapter for Leica Leitz DMIL with Object Guide, Zeiss Axiovert with 211 x 230 Specimen Stage1, and Zeiss Leitz DMIRB/E with Plane Stage, SA-20LZ
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A variety of stage adapters are offered to fit the most commonly used microscopes including Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss and Leica. Adapters are machined from high quality plastics providing thermal isolation from the microscope stage. Platforms are secured in the adapter with two button clamps.

Ordering Stage Adapters

Consult the chart for your microscope. Check the stage adapter drawing to determine if it will fit your microscope stage. If your microscope is not listed or you have any questions on adapter compatibility, please contact our technical staff. Custom or modified versions are also available, call our technical support department for details.

Note: See below and facing page for illustrations

of models.

Note to Zeiss Axiovert Users: The platforms fit the Zeiss slide frame (Zeiss p/n 471719) which mounts on the Zeiss 211 x 230 Specimen Stage. However, if a heater platform is used, the metal slide frame is not recommended since it will act as a thermal heat sink. Use Stage Adapter SA-20LZ for the heating application.
Footnote2. 100 M and 200 M